A Mirror Now


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‘A Mirror Now’ is a truly eclectic creature maintaining the bands stature as purveyors of fine electro tinged alternative rock, this five track EP features industrial country, searing guitars, planet-sized bass lines and piano driven London laments of realization and loss.


released October 22, 2012



all rights reserved



Claustrophobic alternative rock band with a punk edge that’s not afraid to look a synthesiser in the eye.

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Track Name: Frenzy
This is the only way the one we built together
This is it for those unfit we do it now here and forever

I am a mirror now this is the future here
I can see our lives reflected all becoming crystal clear

So come and take your place and put your make up on
Let’s hit the danger room and celebrate what you have won

I think it’s pretty cool now we’re all over town
We turn the bass up real high I see you kicking it out...


We go out to hunt though it is late at night
And through the streets we run around we’re following the taillights

We speak in symbols now when we communicate
It is a code you think you know but you will never penetrate

I’m drinking in the day I’m smoking up again
I’m sitting here I live in fear that I am going to vegetate

Come on and take me out please come take me away
I’m desperate for you - you are all I ever wanted anyway...


I think I feel myself - I think I feel myself
I say it twice it must be nice for once not to be no one else

I’ll be your living end - I’ll be you comedy
And I’ll be anything and everything you’ll ever need from me

But... I am a starry child and I have starry eyes
And everything is beautiful and everything just blows my mind

I want it all today - I want the open door
You are the one that I was waiting for!

You‘re in a daze
You’re in the dark
It’s in your eyes
It’s in your heart
With every deal you make
With every heart you break
With every kiss you lay upon my lips
I know that I’ll be cut to ribbons...!
Track Name: My Girl
At the stop sign
At the red light
Can you see in the dark?

Little sisters
Wives and daughters
Do you see who we are?

You relax
You kick back
You do anything you want to do

And it clings
It begins
You know that she’s got a hold of you

My girl’s got the world in the palm of her hand

Broken landscapes
Bitter fingers
On the surface of film

Frozen moments
Let it linger
Memories of a future

It’s a race
It’s as game
I am running and I’m playing along

You resist
I insist
I can see we’re gonna be here a long long long time

My girl’s got the world in the palm of her hand

Praise be… for the lovers…!
Praise be… for your mothers…!

Any day now
It’ll come soon
Why is it always this hard?

And it is waiting
Here for you
With the eyes of a cold dead shark

It’s a race
It’s a game
And I’m running and I’m playing along

I resist
You insist
And I know we’re gonna be here a long long long time
Track Name: Down to the Sea
When there’s no wisdom left in you,
You’re broken by the sky
And you’re carrying on like this
Will only make you cry

So go grab your walking stick
And follow me away.
Let the taxi car take us home
We’ll blow ourselves new brains

We’ll go down to the Sea - to devolve.
Just you and me - but it won’t solve a thing

Damn these bloodshot and bleeding eyes
So heavy in your face
All these thoughts leave you paralysed:
Frozen here in space,

So go, and gather you things,
Let’s take to the streets tracing a path way back where
It all begins and where we will meet
I will be waiting
Track Name: P.L.W.
And so I slip into a dream while I am sat here at my work one day,
I fight the deadly Titan just to get a bit of self-esteem,

I take a smoke and I resign myself to living like an errant knight, though London don’t take kindly to those with swords and shields baby!

If I could change the world give it another name
I’d try hard not to cry while it’s going up in flames,
And everyone I know all looks the fucking same,
But Darling you and me will live to fight another (fucking) day…

So I try to get a handle on the overbearing attitude - just chill without the hatred make the fighting worth your while

And I decide that this is nothing more than crude attempts to rein us in, but I just feel insulted by these crude parlour tricks…!
Track Name: How Was I Supposed to Know
Standing in the corner while the walls come down upon me am I really here?
Saw you by the TV talking low softly speaking something in his ear.

People change and mutate into something other worldly and we should take care
I’m out and I am on the street I make my way back home heading anywhere…

How was I supposed to know?

Cracks appear before me as I try to focus on the world as it appears,
Shapes remain inconstant and amorphous are you sure that they are really, really real,

Signs all seem to say the same in foreign tongue repeating “Baby turn back now, before it’s too late!”

I’m out and I am on the street I make my way back home through the pouring rain, cats and dogs again...

How was I supposed to know?

That it was coming our way full of desire
A hard on for hell high water and fire
Changing your name breaking the rules
Calling the kids to get the hell out of school
And it’s erasing all pain and healing hearts
If only I’d have made it then I could be a part
Of the second revolt
The brightest of days
How was I to know that it was coming our way?

Is this all I can have?
Is this all I can have?
Is this all I can have?
Is this all I can have?